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Our team at Sheffield Paving would like to bring to you some of our expert knowledge in the landscaping field.  We can put together all your dreams for a beautiful garden, patio area delivering an unrivaled service, while being creative and allowing your imagination to run wild.

Our services include supplying and laying patios, building garden walls, fencing, ponds, water features, raised flower beds, steps, timber decking, all to your specifications and needs.

We can tailor any project small or large to suit your ideas, we place an emphasis on design, functionality in designing good garden space or patio area.

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No matter how you will use your deck, it can enhance the appearance of the home, blend into the natural surroundings, and expand your outdoor living space, adding a new dimension to your home, giving you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your garden.

Strength, endurance and attractiveness are the qualities that make timber decking the natural choice for a outdoor area. Using state of the art technology, in harmony with traditional craftsmanship, specially treated timber transforms into beautiful and long-lasting decking. From soft woods to hard woods, the perfect shapes and designs have never been easier to achieve, with the addition of lights and electrical points a deck can be used all year round. Wooden planters can also be handsomely worked into a deck design.

We will custom build your timber product to your specification.  Every deck designed by Sheffield Paving is completely individual. It may be quite simple with straight edges following the contours of a building or it can be designed with curves and patterns, balusters and flights of steps. Decking is also the perfect solution for roof terraces and balconies.

Timber Decking has become very popular with garden owners. A solid hardwood timber deck is not only an architectural link between the garden and the built environment, it adds additional living space as a cost-effective alternative to conservatories and extensions. Timber decks are also well suited to sloping sites and are excellent in split-level or two-storey construction. Timber decking is ideal for pond surrounds and as an alternative to concrete and paving materials. Decking can also be used to enhance the natural flow from indoor flooring to outdoor decking by using the same species. Decking can also be used for vertical design elements such as screens, seating, gates and fences.

Water Feature - Pond

A water feature can enliven a garden, providing an interesting and attractive focus for a sitting or planting area. The most common and practical water features are ponds, waterfalls and fountains. A pond can be anything from a cut-down barrel on a patio or terrace to an extensive mini-lake.

The shape of any pond will depend on the size and style of the garden. Pool liners are one of the easiest and most popular, their main advantage is flexibility allowing to fit an unusual shape once the size is calculated. For a long term liner, lasting up to fifty years, butyl rubber is far superior to the plastic liners. The introduction of pre-formed ponds have made it much easier for us to introduce water into our gardens. The pre-formed moulds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made from either fibreglass or plastic. The concrete option is more expensive but will last forever.

Water features in various forms are always an added attraction in a garden, where both their sound and appearance can add an extra dimension. Running water provides a tranquil and relaxing setting and also promotes life in a garden.  Sheffield Paving can introduce ponds, waterfalls or small water features to your garden that fit perfectly with your surroundings.

 Steps - Garden Walls

Simply used as functional boundaries or used to enhance designs, garden walls can become an attractive feature in their own right. Sheffield Paving constructs natural stone walls in a variety of materials including locally quarried limestone, quartz, Indian sandstone and Liscannor and many more. Brick or concrete walls can also enhance a modern designed garden when painted, rendered or clad.

We can create semi dry stone walls which complement your patio. These structures can also be artistic in effect depending on how you use them within a landscape layout. We have a variety of stone colours and textures for every situation.

Stonework can add that extra something to your front or back yard-garden. The subtle tones and solid look and feel are an elegant addition to any property, and Sheffield Paving is here to complete your next project and we bring superior craftsmanship to each job we undertake.

Sheffield Paving can source and supply many types of stone for use in the construction of walls, rockeries and so on.  There is a vast array of materials and techniques we are knowledgeable of when it comes to building stone walls.  Before a final choice is made, careful consideration is given to setting, budget allowance, and the overall layout and planting plan. A stone wall can bring a stunning finish to a site while also being a practical solution where protection for root systems is required.

Garden steps are necessary when there are different ground levels around the homes outdoor areas. If you need to get up to raised flower beds to maintain them or you need to access your lawn which is on a lower level than the driveway, garden steps are a simple and effective way to overcome these dilemmas. Steps can be created as features which will enhance the garden. We provide this service, selecting suitable materials and we can build steps to complement any property. 

Depending on the various levels to be overcome we can recommend how many steps will be needed. These steps can be formed using flags, brick or block paving or concrete and all are laid on a suitable concrete lean mix base. If the new steps are steep, we can add a handrail for safety in keeping with our customers requirements. The new paved steps will be a great addition to your home and a very practical asset to your garden.


Sheffield Paving creates wood fences to suit all needs. By listening to our client's requests, the end product reflects the client's requirements accordingly. From small garden timber fences and domestic fencing to privacy fencing and perimeter fences, we will provide you with all the security and peace of mind a professionally made wood fence offers. Why not replace dreary old boundary hedging with a new timber fence thus creating a fresh, modern definition to the property.

There are many different styles of wood fencing from post and D-rail fencing to panel fencing, ranch style fences, boundary fences, farm fencing and custom fencing constructed using fence boards called lollipops or flat tops. These wood fences can be erected to any height required and all support posts are concreted in place.  The erected wood fence may then be painted to complement the garden environment and to enhance the overall appearance of the property. 

Also wooden gates may be made for side entrances and driveways. A wood fence may be erected to conceal an area or even to provide extra privacy. We use the best pressure treated timber for our fences. Fence boards can have round tops (lollipops) or bevelled tops and come in different lengths to suit the required height for your fence.  Sheffield Paving makes sure that your finished wooden fence is well made and very durable.