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Patios are the new cost effective way of creating that extra outdoor room. Like all rooms they are designed for the owners use and can be enhanced using outdoor lighting, water, planting, seating,  making it an area to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.  A well designed patio will add character and luxury to any garden. 

Sheffield Paving Patios are custom designed to your needs, and can combine Paths, Walls and Steps, to enhance your project.  We also do these items individually to enhance an exisiting patio

Patios are a key element of the outdoor living space. Increasingly patios are becoming transitional spaces, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. It is not uncommon now for clients to demand patio design to be a continuance of the kitchen interior and require uniformity of style, levels and colour.

Patios (weather permitting of course) are now the preferred areas where we entertain guests, enjoy family life, spend time socialising with friends or simply trying to get away from it all. With a little imagination, patios can become sophisticated retreats. We have extensive experience in Patio construction in a range of natural stone finishes including Sandstone, Limestone and Granite.Our expert stonemason will construct raised beds, Stone clad retention walls to complement the other features within your garden.

Sheffield Paving can create custom designed patios using the full range of natural stone materials i.e sandstone/limestone /granite or precast surfaces.

Most of our work is with natural materials because we can create a higher finish and it is just as cost effective as other materials.

All our patios are designed and layed to the highest standard.

Sheffield Paving can install any and all types of Patio Paving including Garden Patios, Backyard Patios, Stepped Patios, Natural Stone Patios, Slate Patios, Rectangular Patios, Split-Level Patios, Patio Circles, Patios incorporated into a Decking and many other combinations. All Patios are made using Patio Flags, Patio Slabs and Paving Brick

All patio paving is laid on a lean concrete mix which ensures our Patio Flags never come loose. Taking time to carry out the work and paying attention to detail ensures a perfect well made Garden Patio on completion. We can incorporate circular designs and add inlays or patterns into the Patio Paving to offer you something different to the norm. We also remove all excess soil and any cuttings.